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Dryer Vent Cleaning   

** Starting at $69.99 per dryer vent

**Dryer vent repairs start at $19.99

Chimney Cleaning

**$69.99 per cleaning of wood burning appliance

(service fees are separate)**

**We offer specialized cleaning services for heavy creosote build-up and glazing, including but not limited to, rotary cleanings, wire brushes and chemical cleanings.**

If your appliance burns wood we will service it!

**Chimney Cap installation Starts at $99.99

(service fees are separate)**

                   *We do not service, inspect, or repair gas appliances*


Stage I Inspections are $69.99. and must be completed prior to any cleaning, per our insurance company. This Inspection is a visual assessment without climbing on top of any structures.

Stage II Inspections are $99.99. This inspection is the same as a Stage I but includes climbing on top of the structure and doing a more in-depth analysis of the overall chimney.

Stage III Inspections are $149.99.  This inspection includes everything from Stage I and Stage II Inspections, as well as video, smoke, and/or draft testing as needed.