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Sweeps Cleaning Solutions

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Maintenance for Your Chimney

Homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that their chimney doesn’t need cleaning if they don’t use it. However, damage can still occur due to the moisture and weather changes affecting the masonry.

Make sure your chimney is in perfect working order with Sweeps Cleaning Solutions in Ladson, South Carolina. We offer a range of inspections to detect any cracks or misaligned parts. We perform a wide variety of cleaning, repair, and maintenance services for fireplaces.

Additionally, we clean the flue and vents to ensure there are no blockages due to accumulated creosote buildup, animal nests, or debris that could prevent proper ventilation or fire. We check all terminations and hearths for proper combustible clearances.

Stage I Inspection

This inspection is a visual assessment performed from ground-level. The unit and flue are checked for damage. A Stage I inspection is recommended when the homeowner has maintained annual inspections and performed necessary maintenance items.

Stage II Inspection

This inspection is the same as Stage I but includes a video drone inspection and/or climbing on top of the structure and doing a more in-depth analysis of the overall chimney. This process involves looking down the flue so any safety risks can be thoroughly checked. A Stage II inspection is recommended if it has been more than one year since the last servicing or ownership has changed.

Stage III Inspection

This inspection includes visual inspection from the ground, rooftop inspection, if necessary, as well as video, smoke, and/or draft testing as needed. It also includes a photo inspection of the internal components.  

Stage III is recommended if the last inspection has been more than two years or there have been issues such as down drafting, a visible or audible leak, a chimney fire, or a noticeable smell is present either when burning or not in use. This smell points to a possible building defect or damage.

Free Quotes and Estimates

We provide quotes and estimates for repairs at no additional cost. This offer does not include inspections.